Eagle Mag Restore

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Eagle Mag Restore

Eagle Mag Restore

          • Mag Restore is a high potency formula containing multiple forms of magnesium for enhanced absorption and essential cofactors for improved utilisation. This formula can be used for the relief of muscular cramps and spasms, stress and premenstrual syndrome.

            Magnesium (Mg) is a ubiquitous mineral, essentail for the function of more than 300 enzymes. These enzymes participate in almost every metabolic process in the body from cellular energy production to glycolysis, and the synthesis of DNA and RNA. Magnesium also plays a role in electrolyte balance in the intracellular and extracellular environments, antagonizes the actions of calcium and helps to stablise cell membranes. Through these myriad mechanisms, magnesium influences many facets of health.

            Eagle Mag Restore May Assist With

            • Beneficial during times of stress.
            • Assists in the prevention and provides relief from muscular cramps and spasms.
            • For the symptomatic relief of pre-menstrual tension/syndrome.
            • People who suffer with recurrent migraines appear to have lower intracellular magnesium levels.
            • Magnesium amino acid chelate and magnesium aspartate are better absorbed than magnesium oxide in healthy inidviduals.
            • Magnesium plays an important role in skeletal and smooth muscle relaxation.
            • Helps to support cardiovascular function.
            • For magnesium, manganese and vitamin B6 supplementation.

            The active ingredients in Eagle Mag Restore, when professionally prescribed, may assist patients suffering from specific health conditions.

            This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for disorders treated with Eagle Mag Restore and therefore its use should be based on published scientific and clinical data as well as traditional uses.

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          • Eagle Mag Restore Ingredients per tablet

            Magnesium amino acid chelate 368.5 mg
            - equiv. Magnesium 70 mg
            Magnesium phosphate 369 mg
            - equiv. Magnesium 72.3 mg
            Magnesium aspartate 237.3 mg
            - equiv. Magnesium 15 mg
            TOTAL MAGNESIUM 157.3 mg
            Calcium hydrogen phosphate 312.47
            - equiv. Calcium 70 mg
            Potassium phosphate-dibasic 51.43 mg
            - equiv. Potassium 22.4 mg
            Manganese amino acid chelate 25 mg
            - equiv. Manganese 5 mg
            Pyridoxine hydrochloride 25.45 mg
            - equiv. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) 20.6 mg


          • Contra-indications, Interactions or Cautions for Eagle Mag Restore

                1. Do not use Eagle Mag Restore if you have allergies to any of the ingredients.
                2. Eagle Mag Restore contains pyridoxine hydrochloride which may be dangerous when used in large amounts or for a long time.
                3. For all Cautions, Interactions or Contra-indications associated with Eagle Mag Restore please contact your health care professional


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    Eagle Mag Restore

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