Intestinal Maintain

NatroVital Intestinal Maintain Improving Digestive Health and Bowel Function

    • NatroVital Intestinal Maintain is a blend of soluble and insoluble fibres, health promoting herbs, prebiotics and an amino acid to help enhance, nourish and regenerate the intestinal tract and improve bowel function. Intestinal Maintain doesn't rely on artificial colours or sweeteners to confuse people, but contains 100% Natural Ingredients that are highly effective in getting results.

      NatroVital Intestinal Maintain is an important nutritional supplement used in our Beneficial Bacteria, Leaky Gut Support, Digestive Detox and Liver Detox Packs.

      NatroVital Intestinal Maintain May Assist With

      Adds bulk to the stool Increases a sense of fullness or satiety
      Aids in healthy daily bowel motions Leaky gut syndrome
      Alleviates constipation Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
      Contains prebiotics, which feed beneficial gut bacteria Maintaining optimal pH in intestines
      Facilitates the growth of beneficial bacteria Removes bowel toxins
      Helps lower elevated oestrogen Soothes and heals intestinal damage
      Helps regulate blood sugar levels Supports immune health
      Improves health of the intestinal tract Weight management

      Product Size: 250g Powder

      The active ingredients in the NatroVital Intestinal Maintain when professionally prescribed may assist patients suffering from specific conditions.

      This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for disorders treated with NatroVital Intestinal Maintain and therefore its use should be based on published scientific and clinical data.

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    • NatroVital Intestinal Maintain Ingredients per 5g Serve

      Psyllium Husks 1400mg
      Rice Bran 750mg
      Slippery Elm 600mg
      L-Glutamine 500mg
      Inulin 340mg
      Apple Pectin 300mg
      Guar Gum 300mg
      Marshmallow Root 300mg
      Yucca 250mg
      Fennel Seed 150mg
      Konjac Root 100mg
      Cascara Sagrada 10mg

      NatroVital Intestinal Maintain Excipients:

      NatroVital Intestinal maintain contains only the ingredients listed above, no added artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavours, preservative or bulking agents. 100% Natural Ingredients

    • NatroVital Intestinal Maintain - Contra-indications, Interactions or Cautions

      1. Do not use NatroVital Intestinal Maintain if known allergies to ingredients.
      2. Do not use NatroVital Intestinal Maintain if you have excessive glutamate levels.

Customer Reviews

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Take this every day!

Started taking this a couple years ago, it helped with my IBS and keeps me regular. Take it everyday, I can tell if I miss a dose cause my IBS flares up.

This is a great product...

I suffered terribly from gas and constipation and now have regular, normal bowel movements daily and no gas!