Herbal Medicine

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine offers you a genuine treatment alternative to harsh drugs as herbs gently nurture your body, whilst bringing you back to a state of optimal health. Herbs have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years by every culture that has inhabited this planet. Our ancestors used herbs as their number one treatment for all health ailments and this has allowed mankind to live and grow for many generations.

What are herbs?

Herbs are medicinal plants and trees but can also include fruit, vegetables, fungi and algae that have the ability to assist your body in healing itself of a particular health complaint.

Can Herbal Medicine benefit me?

Yes herbal medicine can benefit you in many areas of your health. As mentioned it can assist your body in healing itself of a particular health issue.

Herbs can also strengthen your body and prevent disease, they can calm you, invigorate you, make you feel good and allow you to have a good night sleep. They can reduce your pain and improve your memory. There is a usually a herb that can help you with any health complaint that you can think of.

Herbs have been around for many thousands of years and are a scientifically validated form of medicine that assists in helping your body overcome your health issues.

Can Herbal Medicine cure me of my disease?

Under Australian laws it is illegal to tell you that you can be cured of a disease by this method of treatment. What herbal medicine does very well is to assist your body to heal itself of your disease.

Depending on your health complaint a naturopath/herbalist may use herbal medicine in conjunction with other forms of natural medicine to treat your condition.

Will I suffer any side-effects if I take herbs?

Generally herbs are a safe form of medicine with minimal side-effects. However there are certain herbs that are contra-indicated in pregnancy and for particular health complaints. There are also some herbs that may react with different pharmaceutical drugs.

To ensure your safety it is always best to consult with or purchase from a Herbalist who is qualified in prescribing medicinal herbs. A herbalist knows and understands herbs and any contra-indications they may have. It is not recommended that you self prescribe with herbs just like you wouldn’t self prescribe with medical drugs.

How can I take herbs?

Herbs come in a variety of forms for you to use;

For medicinal strength there are herbal tonics as well as tablets and capsules that can help you with your health complaint. As a daily remedy there are a wide variety of herbal teas now available or you can make your own. This is both a pleasurable and beneficial way of receiving the therapeutic benefits of herbs. Growing your own herbs provides a convenient and cost effective way to not only add flavour to your meals but to provide the healing benefits of herbs on a daily basis. There are a wide variety of culinary herbs and they all have amazing medicinal properties and are generally quiet safe for you to use.

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Why are herbal tonics beneficial to take?

Herbal tonics are considered the gold standard in herbal medicine as they generally have higher amounts of active ingredients and thus greater health benefits when compared to tablets or capsules. Liquid herbs are more readily absorbed than other herbal preparations thus making them faster acting and a lower dosage required.

One of the draw backs that people perceive with liquid herbs is the taste. But it is through your taste that some herbs actually begin to heal your body. For example; bitter herbs such as Gentian stimulate digestion by increasing the production of your saliva, and Dandelion Root increases bile flow from your liver.

The Chinese have stated for centuries that you taste your disease; meaning that the worse a mixture tastes, the more you need it. As your health condition begins to improve, so does the taste of the mixture.

Where possible, we use liquid herbs in a juice base rather than an alcohol base. This helps with taste and prevents the potential irritating effects of alcohol on your intestinal tract, liver, nervous and immune system.

Greg Newson
Greg Newson


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